Tariq Javed:: ( My space )

My DOB November 29, 1952. My father Ch Ali Mohammad have married before and is father of three girls, those days parents think a boy baby to nourish. With my mother Salima Ali- that was a third marriage and I am the eldest one among my other brothers, we are five brothers and two sisters

Bano my sister  died in her childhood

My father celebrates and among family member he received a lot of congratulations. 

We as a family live in Diglass Pura Lyallpur city where my father arrived after partition in 1947. 

My father told me a lot of adventures of that time. 

One of those is he arrived Pakistan alone and from the camps(where’s refugees) he got a truck on rent and helped the refugees to parked in their required cities, near by Lyallpur city

Lyallpur now present with a new name Faisalabad 


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